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Real Estate Investment in Fiji
Why, When, Where and How to make your move!
While many people look forward to vacationing on a tropical island, the thought of living on one and in a different culture is also a daunting thought. The thought of having plenty of spare time to indulge in favorite hobbies and pastimes is colored by the insecurity and doubts that can creep into the mind. Moving to the islands is akin to walking into unchartered territory for someone who has worked all their life and lived in the western world. What do I do next? Do I have sufficient funds to cover any contingency that may arise ? Cost of travel, building, major illness? Will my family be able to visit?     

Ask us for answers!

Know what to expect
Most financial experts agree that most people usually have three sources of income. Lifetime savings, social security payments and money from annuities and other investments. You can call and get information on your estimated monthly Social Security benefit check. Find out from previous employers whether you have any pensions payable to you and determine the amount you should receive. Add up all the income you expect to get from past investments. The sum of these three main income sources will give you a pretty good estimate as to how much money will be available to you when you invest and make plans.    

Choose Fiji Island living for the following reasons:
  • Tax Breaks
  • English Speaking
  • Good Educational System
  • Sub-tropical Climate all Year Long
  • Easy Access to affordable Land for Development
  • Construction of kit and custom homes possible
  • Close Proximity to the Australia, New Zealand and Asia.
  • Stable Currency
  • Abundance of Natural Resources
  • Breathtakingly Beautiful
  • Friendliest People on the Planet!  
Cost of living: The cost of living in Fiji is, compared to many other tropical destinations, relatively low. Items such as food, fuel and day-to-day expenses are low in price, and labor (House girls, gardener, cook) is very inexpensive. Once your home is built or you have purchased an existing property, your life can be inexpensive.

Home Building: We offer professional home building services and will assist in all aspects. Purchasers may build whenever they choose and we have excellent contacts regarding building any style of home on any budget you wish. PBS are recommended professional builders who specializes in luxury yet affordable quality homes in Fiji; www.pbshomes.com.fj/homedesigns.htm

As an example, a lovely 3 bedroom timber home with decking could be built on your chosen lot at Maui Bay from only USD 125,000.

Contact us to answer any of your questions or to help arrange you viewing of our real estate with our friendly staff in Fiji.

Your partner in purchasing real estate in the Fiji Islands!
The Taveuni Development Company (Fiji Real Estate) has made it its mission to provide overseas investors with residential real estate investment opportunities and business support services.  Fiji’s longest standing large development company; we have operated in Fiji for more than 20 years, and have successfully developed 5 large-scale residential projects with over 1200 properties on 4 Fijian islands.

We provide logistical support for overseas investors from Fiji immigration issues to building support and Fiji home rental services to facilitate your Fiji Island investment. Contact us today to learn more about how you can make the Fiji Islands your home or overseas investment destination. When you visit Fiji we will show you the best available lots and discuss any questions you may have about buying, building or living in Fiji.
If you would like to live the dream of owning tropical island real estate in the Fiji Islands, you should contact us. As the most experienced Fiji island developer with a proven track record and many satisfied owners and investors, we can guide you every step to making your journey a successful one. Acquiring property in a foreign country can be a complex and daunting task for the overseas buyer - we are here to make it easy for you. Contact us today to help make your dream a reality!

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